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*sees KKM pairing wank*........*backs away*

Samurai 7 is love~~ I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of this. :D My favorite character so far is Katsushiro, NOT just because he's cute and voiced by Paku Romi. He's pathetic for a samurai so far, and naive too, but he admits this and feels bad about it, and he's learning, working hard, and has a good heart. I'm rooting for him. ♥ Though, the other characters are lovable too. (I don't know why I like Ukyo, I really don't. O_o;;)

I'm interested in seeing the original Kurosawa film. Must remember to rent it when I get home! :O

Now to continue my efforts to capture Suicune. I'll probably spend all of tomorrow working on my Literature paper (about Chinese poetry, oh man I'm screwed). And other obligatory school stuff.
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