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unexpected cool things

It started as a boring, restless day. Perhaps because I did so much outdoorsy things yesterday, I felt really tired. I didn't feel like doing anything, so I just lay around, took a shower, did some laundry, etc.
Then my mom came home, and she called the cable company. So suddenly we have cable TV. I still can't believe it. I spent the majority of my life without it, and now I can see it anytime I wish. I mean, I just watched Kim Possible on the Disney Channel thirty minutes ago, and I can watch Detective Conan tonight. So unbelievable.
This also means Amanda doesn't have to tape Wolf's Rain for me anymore. Gotta e-mail her about that.
Also, because I felt bad about doing nothing the whole day, I listened to my musical muse to get some inspiration for my story. I might write a little something later to get my skills back in shape.
And another neat discovery: I listened to the Michelle Branch CD I got for my birthday, and discovered a song that fits Aqua Tears so perfectly it's creepy. That's right. "Goodbye to You."

"Of all the things I believed in
I just want to get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
Counting the days that pass me by

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing
are starting to get old
It feels like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend
And I said,

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to"

There's more, but when I heard the part about the tears and "the last three years were just pretend," I shuddered. Seriously, I'm gonna listen to this song a lot from now on (especially during Chapter 23, but that will be for a while).

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