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anime watching

Giant walrus WTF?! XD
Man, everything and everyone is going CRAZY.
Hubb! Ah, Hubb. You're so pathetic, and somehow that makes you even more cute.
Hahahaha, this time it's Cher and Blue who go on a road trip!
I love how this show follows so many different characters, even if they have really minor roles. I'm really becoming fond of all of them.

Ed as a toddler: TEH CUTENESS! IT KILLS ME!
Ed with black hair: Whaaa? He looks weird...
Ed in disguise: Heh, not bad. I love how the guards keep calling him short but there's nothing he can do about it. XD
Hohenheim and Trisha: Okay, so he DID love her. So why did he have to leave? Because he was rotting away? Trisha sure didn't seem to mind...and PLEASE, would you two put some clothes on?! My poor innocent eyes!
Rose: Ahhhh, noooo, why does so much bad stuff happen to her? ;_: And her baby! The cruelty!
Roy and Hawkeye: AWWWW!
Winry and Scieska: Jeez, get a room already.
Dante: I don't like her.
Alphonse: Goin' solo!
Tucker: DIE!!

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