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Pokesupe website is updated!!!

Kirsten: !!!!
Me: ...I'm not really into the Pokemon Ranger thing, but I'm curious.....I don't like Pokemon Advance much either, but the manga was good...
Me: XD
Me: whoah what "A special comic that you can only read on the internet" O_O
Kirsten: :O
Kirsten: *reads* !!!
Me: manga getting high tech? O_o
Kirsten: Wow
Kirsten: *goes to the actual site instead of just loooking at the picture*
Me: in Battle Frontier, I mean. in more than a cameo role.
Kirsten: OMG
Me: Yellow looks weird here...
Kirsten: Yeah
Me: she's all RAWR
Me: and she's actually looking like a girl now even with the hat :D
Kirsten: Yeah
Kirsten: She actually has EYELASHES in the picture above XD
Me: yes XD
Me: omg Ruby is so stealing the show
Me: *fangirls*
Kirsten: Senri looks all... I dunno XD
Me: I think Sapphire has been missing since her OMG CONFESSION and Ruby pushed her or something....*doesn't really mind*
Kirsten: Yeah... I didn't really get that. Oh well.
Me: I find it funny that Ruby was always like "But I don't WANT to save the world D:" and here he is now doing it by himself, apparently
Kirsten: *looking over Bulbapedia" Emerald seems to have an issue with his own height, as he wears his hair tall, clothing with extra long sleeves, and platform shoes. !!!??!!
Me: that doesn't mean his hair has to be shaped like that XO
Kirsten: XDDD
Me: Ed still has a better fashion sense
Kirsten: Yes XD
Kirsten: His eyebrows are really weird, too.
Kirsten: *just noticed*
Me: ....they're like antennas O_O;
Me: this kid is an alien. no other explanation.
Kirsten: And... Ruby and Sapphire STILL have no birthdays.
Kirsten: But Emerald does.
Me: XO
Tags: manga, pokemon, pokesupe

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