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What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Hiyashi ramen My favorite summer food. I love it whenever mom makes it for me, the sauce is so sweet and delicious and the toppings...I'M DROOLING NOW. D:
Literary: Battle Royale I felt horrible reading it. I felt horrible LIKING it. But the turmoil the characters went through was fascinating, and they were all interesting in their own way....I don't think I could ever watch the movie, though. It's just so...brutal.
Audiovisual: Smallville Most of the time it sucks, but at times it can be really, REALLY good. I wish I had a TV so I could catch up on recent stuff...I mean Lois Lane? Aquaman? WHUT?
Musical: Linkin Park I know they're overrated and all, but....I really like their music. ;__; I like the lyrics, all the songs are catchy, and the singer has a great voice...
Celebrity: Takayama Minami I find myself paying attention to any one of her roles. I can usually identify her voice right away (usually...damn Anissina >>;). She's the first VA I became a big fan of, from Two Mix to being the voice of Conan.

Now I tag:-

sometime amurderofcrows dream_n_write wabisuke and hamsterfactor

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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