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Chapter 57 Translation

WTF man, I was planning on doing other stuff today. O_o; Well...guess I'll get it over with, since it's SO DAMN SHORT! *grumble*
Page 31/31 FINISHED!!! Now I can continue watching Kyou Kara Maou!!! :D

Page 1
Chapter 57: Scars of Ishbal

Page 2
What you say!!
The Fuhrer is a homunculus...?!
I thought that I wanted to fight for the weak people of this country
Not only myself
Many others felt the same and believing in the military, have left their seats [that basically means they've died- a better way to phrase this or should I just leave it as is?]

Page 3
And yet, above...
To think it's already too late for the military body that is supposed to be a source of strength...
Why don't you quit the military, Major?
With your personality, it will just be hard for you if you stay
Why must we continue fighting this way?!!
Major Armstrong disobeyed military command. He'll probably be sent back to Central soon.
To disobey a command is the smartest way to get away from this rotten battlefield.

Page 4
Back then
I ran away from the battle at Ishbal
The way the military works is wrong...I thought so strongly. And yet I still ran away.
I turned my back on my own battlefield.
I should have remained on the battlefield so I could fight the "thing that is wrong"!!
From the time I ran away from Ishbal to today
There hasn't been a day when I haven't felt shame for twisting my convictions and running
If you say that this is another battlefield
How could I alone run away with my tail between my legs!

Page 5
What will you do, Colonel?
I told the Fuhrer
that "I can't quit yet because of my ambitions"
The fact that the Fuhrer revealed such an important secret to me
it implies that "Even if you defeat me, there is still something bigger behind me"
I'm being tested
Isn't it an honor?

Page 6
....They're giving you a surprising amount of room
Who knows
Though it was the same when I fought that homunculus Lust
When I, who am called a "weapon" or a "monster", fight a real monster
I can fully realize that I am just a "human"

Page 7
I see...
Young Master accepted the Philosopher's Stone on his own...

Page 8
If we'd stopped him...
I don't have any intention of blaming you two
I am angry at myself for not fulfilling my role as a guard
Is Young Master....
He is still in the one called "Greed"?

Page 9
How could a follower be resting when the master is holding out on his own
I want an arm! Right away!
Please introduce me to an automail mechanic! I'll get an arm right away!
But, right away...?
Rehabilitation takes a lot of time
I'll get through it with will-power
Before that, they won't perform the surgery until you have a certain degree of strength
I'll get through it by begging
But but but for Brother to be able to move freely, he went to the point of vomiting blood and it still took a year
Then it'll be half a year

Page 10
If it took him a year, then I'll do it in half a year!
A year!
Oh great, she won't budge with those eyes
She's just like Brother
What?! Don't compare me with that bean!!
(Well...she'll probably get along with the Rockbell women)
(You'll vomit blood)
(Let's do it then)
I got it. I'll introduce you as soon as possible.
But first you need to put on some strength.
I'll go get some food from Doctor Knox

Page 11
You...ummm was it Mei Chan?
Are you alright being awake?

Page 12
Truly, you live up to the name of a guard of the Yao clan, at least
Who are you?
Isn't it rude to address the 17th Princess Mei Chan in such a way, you dog of the Yao clan.
To think a princess would eavesdrop...
What awful manners

Page 13
If the successor of the Chan clan is in this country, that means your aim is for immortality
That is right.
(You know each other?)
It must be fate that we have met here.
Really, what a good time to meet an opponent
As one working for the Yao clan, I must sever all roots of evil, no matter how small
So that my weaker clan can survive, I must defeat all competitors when I can!

Page 14
Wait a minute!!
I don't know what this is about, but you shouldn't fight...
Don't cut into the affairs of our country!! [okay, the Japanese does something here with the different way Mei and Ran Fan phrase things at the end, one of them sounding more polite than the other. Not sure how to do that in English...]
Don't make light of me because I'm wounded
I say the same for myself!

Page 15
Patients should be sleeping quietly!!
P...please don't cut into the affairs of our...
Like I care about the affairs of your country, idiot!! Patients are patients anywhere in the world!!
What is this, do you guys plan on trashing my house even further?
I see, I see
Let's say you get a strange virus from the doctor's house and everyone dies. Doesn't that sound fun?
......We apologize....

Page 16
Doctor Knox, how long has it been since you've cleaned this place?
...About four years.
(Doesn't he have any family to clean it for him...?)
Doctor! Isn't this something important?
So it was here...
It's my wife and son who've separated
Don't treat it so carelessly!
Why not, I can treat my own things any way I like

Page 17
What is it?
....that you have bad relations with your family
I don't really like it
It's not bad relations
Then why did you separate?
Does it matter why! Why do you care so much!
...Our mother died and is gone, and father won't come back
And we have no house....
Why are you separate when you're alive, have a house, and good relations?
I don't like that

Page 18
It's a boring story, you know?
We separated after the civil war.
It was after I got through the annihilation at Ishbal and came back
Even in a peaceful place I'd get flashbacks of scenes from the battlefield, become an insomniac, and even if I could get to sleep I'd have nightmares
And there were times when my wife would wake me from my nightmares
and I'd mistake her for an enemy, almost killing her.
We can't stay together if it's like that, right?
Want some coffee?
Really, there's only boring stories when it comes to Ishbal

Page 19
Everyone who got involved in the civil war is covered in scars.
....Are you a civilian?
Are you from outside?
How did you get this far in here?!
First tell me your background
Who are you? What are you doing underground here?

Page 20
Are you injured?
I'm a doctor known as Mauro.
I want to know the situation outside. Please come down.
I'll look at your injuries too.
It's okay. The watchman won't come for a while.

Page 21
.....So you're an Ishbalan!
That's right, you're injured somewhere!
Is it your forehead there...
An Ishbalan with a scar on his brow?!
Are you the rumored State Alchemist killer, Scar?!
That's what they call me.
Oh God.....!!

Page 22
Why is a doctor here?
Are you being confined?
Yes, they were forcing me to work with them.
And from now on I'll be used again you mean those things called homunculi?
What are they?
They're supposed to know everything about Ishbal.
It seems they've been moving this country from the shadows with overwhelming powers no human can match and strange techniques
Being...being unable to do anything but stay captured here, I hate myself for my helplessness.....!!

Page 23
If you don't want to take sides with them, fight them, Mauro.
I'll let you outside. Expose their deeds to the public.
I cannot do that!!
...They've taken a city hostage!
Before, I hid my status and lived in a small city in the east.
They've taken a hold of that place.
If I try to escape or try to commit suicide, if I do anything unnecessary they're threatening that they'll kill off the city.
No, it's not a threat.
They'll do it without doubt. Please don't bring me outside.
Do you think someone who's people have been killed off would show sympathy to that kind of story?

Page 24
I understand.
Of course you must hate us. So I have something to ask of you.
Please kill me.
My real name is Tim Marcoh.
I am an alchemist who created the Philosopher's Stone and participated in the annihilation of Ishbal.

Page 25
My research took the lives of many Ishbalans.
I am your enemy.
If I refuse to cooperate with the homunculi or choose my own death, the unrelated people of the city will be killed.
And if I continue living like this I'll probably be made to participate in experiments as a "human sacrifice" at the cost of many lives
So please kill me.
If it's made so that I was killed by an intruder from outside, the hostages wouldn't matter
And if a "human sacrifice candidate" like me were to die, it would hinder their plans... Perhaps it could delay them.
The fact that you, an alchemist killer, would come in a situation when I cannot do anything by myself can only be described as great luck

Page 26
I can see God in you
Please kill me!! Right here, right now!!
With my death, I'll pay them back!!

Page 27
I still haven't heard everything about Ishbal!!
What did you bastards do there?!
Tell me everything, Marcoh!!
Before this right arm destroys you!!
It's completely dark
I slept too much
(Al hasn't come back)
(Guess I'll go to Dr. Knox's place...)
I've gotta give the gun back to First Lieutenant Hawkeye

Page 28
(But maybe I'll be a nuisance if I go this late. I could bring it to headquarters tomorrow...)
The Lieutenant is under the Fuhrer now, isn't she
(Which means she might be at the Fuhrer's quarters...)
Fuhrer: Cut you loose
(...I'll return it today)
Yes, Central Headquarters
Ah, hello
Oh, boss! What is it?
Second Lieutenant Breda!

Page 29
Oh, so you heard. I'm going to the western headquarters.
At any rate, it was so sudden that I've got my hands full with my own things
They say from tomorrow, the Lieutenant is looking after the old man
No, she's already left. Are you in a hurry?
I think her address was...

Page 30
A guest?
It's me! Edward!
Edward-kun! What is it at this hour?

Page 31
Sorry it's so sudden
I've come to give back something I borrowed
It could have been anytime
Could you wait a little, I'll be out soon!
What does this array with a salamander on her back mean?!
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