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Pokesupe Chap. 94 Translation

I'm gonna go ahead and get all this other stuff out of the way first so I could work on my papers without distraction. :O

Page 1-2
Give me back my backpack--!!
Chapter 94: VS Elekid
You bastard, answer me!
What agility!
Wait, dammit!
Shit, I won't let you...

Page 3
Bakutarou, I don't know what attacks you can use, but that flame on your back you showed me earlier is a weapon, right?
Then just use your flame!
Use it to
stop his movements!

Page 4
Pant, pant, Sneasel, your next attack...
Too slow!

Page 5
And look around you!
I wouldn't stand much of a chance if I let someone as acrobatic as you move around any further.
So I sent out fire to surround you, heheh.
Hey! What are you tinkering around with in the shadow there?! Don't you pull a trick on me!
Now, give me my backpack, and Totodile to Bakutarou! And hurry up about it!!

Page 6
Uhahahaha, sorry for getting in the middle of your fight.

Page 7
...Who are you people?!
Mm~?! You mean us?! Okay, I'll tell you. We're Team Rocket, a secret organization of evil that has plans on reviving soon.
Hey, he was talking about a backpack back then, wasn't he?
Yeah, now we're unraveled the mystery. That must have been this guy's backpack.
We were targeting the research data that was supposed to pass from Ookido to Utsugi.
However, somehow we mistakenly took the backpack of this guy who was with the errand boy.
( that's why he kept yelling 'give me my backpack')
Now then, we've come all the way here. Let's also steal Utsugi's Pokemon along the way!
That's it! Those three that were being specially researched- Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile!!

Page 8
That would be impossible, because I've already taken Totodile for myself. As for Cyndaquil, it's with that guy you just knocked out.
Wha...what did you say?!! Ku!! You'll just have to fall prey to the same electric attack!!
(The opponent is...Elekid. We're weak against this type, but I'll give it a try!)
Uwahahahaha!! You'll use a Pokemon you just got?! If it's not attached to you, it won't listen to your commands!!

Page 9
There are cases where it's better not to be attached.
Totodile, "Frustration"!!
No way!!
Th...the balls...! Wait!

Page 10
"Faint Attack"!!
That "Frustration" attack is on where the power increases based on the level of attachement to its Trainer.
I taught it that with a TM as soon as I got it.
Dammit...what strength...
We won't forget this--_!!

Page 11
Ah, owowow.
Oh, you've come to?!
Mmm? Who're you?
The police. So you're the one...who set fire to the yard.
Police?!! Eh? Eh?!
Th...this's right!! Where is he?! Where did that jerk go...
Anyway, we're going to hold an interrogation so please come with us. If you resist, we'll arrest you.

Page 12
Interrogation?! Arrest me?!!
Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey wait a minuuuute~~!! I'm telling you, I'm a victim!!
Ah, G-Gorou!
Gorou~~ tell them I'm innocent.
This person is my friend.
I understand.
Gold, it seems Professor Utsugi hurt his hip and is hospitalized. Right now, his assistant is taking care of him at the hospital.
According to Professor Utsugi, the thief who came to steal Totodile attacked him from behind.
So Professor Utsugi hasn't seen his face.
Gorou-kun, what about you...?!
As soon as I went into the laboratory, I lost consciousness too...I haven't seen him.
So...that means.

Page 13
Gold-kun, you're the only one to have seen the culprit's face. You'll have to help us.
....., I understand.
The burnt glove that he threw away!!
[Cherrygrove City]
So we're making a montage, hm? His features are...let's see....

Page 14
His height is about the same as me. A navy blue fleece sweater, black boots.
And, long red hair and... (yaawn)
Okay, now for the important part. The face! We're counting on you!!
His eyes are bugged out, and his nose was flat.
He had thick lips...and his cheeks were flat!!
Thank you, now it's already late. You can call home and stay here for the night.
Nope, no thanks! We have somewhere to go.

Page 15
Why didn't you let them have us over?
Uh, umm but since you made the montage, the culprit who stole Totodile should be found right away. (Heehee, weird face)
Gorou, that montage's fake.
I can't just leave this to the police.
I'm gonna find that bastard with my own hands and take back my backpack too! Right, Bakutarou!!

Page 16
...which means, now I have to make a real montage picture for myself. Gorou, you have a computer, right?! I'll leave it to you.
That's it, that's it, sarcastic kind of eyes like that. (Could you put a Totodile in there too)
Gold, I'm wondering...
What is it, Gorou?
Don't you think too many things are happening at once? I wonder why?
Hmmm, yeahh
That is because- destiny is making its move. are! P...

Page 17
Professor Ookido?!! Wh-why are you here?!
...suddenly, I don't have a need for any distinguished professors.
You may not, but I have a need for you.
I heard from the police. The boy you confronted... Did he happen to have something like this?
Th-that is!!
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