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Pokesupe Translation~

Lot's of action here, so not much dialogue. XD;

Page 1
Chapter 93: VS Sneasel

Page 2
T...Totodile's ball is...gone!!!
So this is Professor Utsugi's laboratory.
That's right. Now to go tell the Professor about your backpack being stolen...
Wait, Gorou.
If the culprit's made it here already, he might be waiting to ambush us.
Let's see how things are going from the 2nd floor window first.

Page 3
Totodile's ball! When did this happen! Where did it go?!
(Now I just have to escape from the window.)
Be careful, Gold!
Let's go, A-tarou.

Page 4
Wait, you!!

Page 5
Who are you! So you're the one who took Totodile?!!
You got it wrong!!
Th-then why would you be there...
Look out!
"Icy Wind"

Page 6
That's Professor Utsugi's scream! Is he okay?!
Professor Utsugi! Gold!!

Page 7
Why you----!
A-tarou! "Scratch"!!
Sneasel, "Protect"!

Page 8
If not from the front!
Then from the back!!
Give me back my backpack!!

Page 9
Backpack? I don't know anything about that.
Don't play dumb, damn you! I'm not letting you escape until I get it back.
(...Well, I can try bluffing, but this guy's got a suspicious feel about him.)
(That 'Hit him from behind' sneak attack will work only once...probably.)
(Now what to do...)
(One is....missing?)

Page 10
Oh, I see. So unsatisfied with just taking my backpack,
you're stealing one from this laboratory too.
(It's getting worked up! ...So that's it!!)
Your friend was taken from you must be angry. That's it, isn't it?

Page 11
You want to get back your friend.
I want to teach that guy a lesson.
How about...we join forces just this once, heheheh!!
By the way, I don't know what kind of Pokemon you are,
or what your nickname is either. What should I call you?!
Whaa hot!! That suprised me--
I'm often told that my "bangs are exploding", but as for you, your back is exploding.
Then how about..."Baku-tarou"?! [Translation note: "Bakuhatsu" means "explosion."]

Page 12
Alright. ...Let's go, Baku-tarou!
Heheheh. Then how about we help ourselves to what's inside this backpack we stole? With this, our mission is complete!
Even so, it sure went well. Getting the luggage that was supposed to be delivered from Ookido to Utsugi.
We got away with it easily during all that commotion.
Once we open the zipper, keeheeheeheehee...
?! Wh...what is this?!

Page 13
It's...completely different from what our orders said was inside!
Wha-what's going on?!!
I don't know, but...anyway, it seems we made a mistake!
This is bad! Let's go after that errand brat one more time!!
H-hey. Then what do we do with this backpack?!
Just throw it away!!

Also, randomly:
It's true!
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