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We had a lesson on fieldwork in Anthropology today (which is why I stayed up till 4 AM finishing The Innocent Anthropologist) and were given an in-class assignment: "Where would you like to do fieldwork and why?"

As I thought about it, I knew from the start that I'm too much of a coward to go to places like Africa, South America, India, etc. (Third World scares me, honestly.) In the end, I wrote that I'd choose either a rural village in Northern Europe or the Ainu in Hokkaido.

The rural village thing, because when I went to Dartmoor in England before, I thought it was fascinating how the people lived, the culture of the moors, all the legends and stories that come from there, the stone walls and circles left by prehistoric tribes...I still have a book of Dartmoor ghost stories at home. I just think that if such a small part of an island country can be that rich in culture, what about larger, less industrialized countries?

And the Ainu, because I remembered seeing their wood carvings when my mom, grandmother and I went to eat Sapporo ramen in Japan. There were also charts with Ainu words and what they meant in Japanese. I think it would be interesting to speak the language and learn more about them....though, it seems the language is almost extinct. .__. Most Ainu speak only Japanese these days....which makes me sad. Still, it would be possible to do some kind of research........

I am NOT considering an Anthropology major. I swear.

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