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Alchemic Version: Part Three

Following Part Two.

You walk down the path toward the Train Station. Soon, you see some train tracks running horizontally in front of you and a platform.

Suddenly, moany dramatic music plays and a person walks over to you.

"Why, if it isn't HOHENHEIM. Long time no see."

It's your rival, DANTE!

"What? You've only just now gotten yourself some Pokemon? Pathetic! Let's see just how weak you are!"

DANTE challenges HOHENHEIM to a Pokemon battle!

DANTE sends out her ENVY!

You send out YOROIKUN!

DANTE orders ENVY to use Defense Curl!

YOROIKUN uses Karate Chop!

ENVY's HP goes down!

ENVY uses Recover! ENVY's HP is renewed!

YOROIKUN uses Karate Chop!

ENVY uses Recover again! ENVY's HP is renewed!

You return YOROIKUN! You send out MAMETSUBU!

ENVY uses Transform! ENVY transforms into...ALPHONSE ELRIC!

MAMETSUBU uses Low Kick! ENVY is now a Ghost type! It is unaffective!

ENVY uses Swagger! MAMETSUBU is confused!

MAMETSUBU uses Flail! It is unaffective! MAMETSUBU is confused! MAMETSUBU is frustrated!

ENVY uses Swagger again! It seems to be taunting MAMETSUBU!

MAMETSUBU is confused! MAMETSUBU is angry! MAMETSUBU uses Growl!

ENVY uses Karate Chop!

MAMETSUBU's HP goes down! MAMETSUBU is getting angrier!

ENVY is still taunting MAMETSUBU! It's insulting MAMETSUBU's height!

MAMETSUBU uses Rage!!

ENVY is KO'ed!!!

The battle is over.

DANTE: "What?! Impossible!! How could you beat me? Grr, I'll get back at you soon, HOHENHEIM! You just wait!"

Dante walks off.

You continue on to the Train Station. You walk up to the ticket counter.

The clerk asks, "Where would you like to go?"


The clerk gives you a ticket to EAST CITY! You get on a train!

To be continued...

EDIT: Also, we just released our first Pokemon Special at ZOMGFTA. :) GO CHECK IT OUT!!
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