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Chapter 56 Translation GO~!

I'm staying here until midnight. >DD No dinner for me~~

Page 44/44 done! FINISHED!!!!!!! OMG YAY~!!

Page 1
So you've used up all of your Stone's regeneration power
Do not worry, my son

Page 2
I will remake you again
With your memories as they are
Creation and destruction within those hands...!!
Chapter 56: Lions of the Round Table

Page 3
Really?! It was really my body?!
Yeah. I met it when I passed through the Doors while getting out of Gluttony's stomach
Though it said "I can't go with you" or something and I couldn't bring it back's there... Okay.....okay!!
Thank goodness~~~it's not rotting~
We've gotten one step closer to our goal!
Huh? But if you passed through the Doors...
What about the passage fee?

Page 4
I used the Philosopher's Stone inside Envy
The Stone! You mean that thing that uses human lives?!
Seems that Envy's Stone was created by gathering the Xerxes peoples' souls
The bodies and minds they can return to rotted away a long time ago
Right now they're just energy to be consumed
No way...
That might be so logically, but...
I've proved that human transmutation can be done on oneself
And the passage fee...we can pass through the Doors if we have the Philosopher's Stone
All that's left is to pull your body out
But even if you say they're energy, originally they were....

Page 5
There's no time to be worrying about it
We have to get it out of there as soon as possible
Are you fine with that, Brother?! I...
When I saw how skinny you looked, I couldn't wait another day...
Why is that black-and-white cat there?
Just put on your pants for now, Brother
That little girl is inside here

Page 6
What is it?!
N-n-n-nothing!! I just...
I just slipped!! See!! On this soap!!
What, are you in a manga or something?
Hurry and get ready, pipsqueak [OMG THIS IS ENVY O__O *just realized*]
Don't say that!!
What are we going to do with that bean girl?
Whatever we do, she's injured so we have to take her to a doctor...
Take her where?

Page 7
Doctor Knox's place?
We have to try not to cause him trouble
We're leaving you guys to Wrath from here
Get in
Hi, Fullmetal.

Page 8
Sit down.
....What happened?
Various things. A heap of it.
Sergeant Major Fuery to the south, Warrant Officer Falman to the north
Second Lieutenant Breda has been sent to the west.
And it seems First Lieutenant Hawkeye is the Fuhrer's personal assistant
What the hell is that!!
(That's a damn good hostage!!)
(To think such an implausible transfer would be allowed.....)
It wasn't just a "part" of the higher-ups

Page 9
"Everything" is pitch-black
(Fuhrer King Bradley.....)
(A homunculus...!!)
(Besides us, there's only the Fuhrer in this room)
(Just himself)
(Only one sword as his weapon)

Page 10
So he has the confidence to win even if he comes face to face with us three State-class fighting faction alchemists
(cough, cough!)
Before, when I was hospitalized! You came to visit me.
Back then, I didn't think that you could possibly be on that side. I was completely fooled.
"Don't stick your head into unnecessary things", "Act as if you believe everyone in the military is an enemy", "When the time comes I'll have you work for me" what I said. [Yay foreshadowing!]

Page 11
To us, you are valuable resources. You do not have to do unnecessary things.
Just stay quiet until the time comes.
If you do that, we won't treat you poorly
Then when that time comes
What'll happen to the civilians other than us "human sacrifices"?
I thought I said you do not need to know unnecessary things, Fullmetal Alchemist
"Fullmetal Alchemist"...huh?
When I first recieved this second name, I thought it had a heavy sound to it
To think it'd become such a awful weight

Page 12
This second name
I'll be throwing it away
In the beginning, because even a kid like me would be given various priviledges, I personally went forward and became a dog of the military
The humiliation of using alchemy, which is supposed to exist the people, for the military... I took it on to search for a way to get our bodies back
This State Alchemist system itself is possibly an operation to elect human sacrifices.....
What's more, if you say that we'll be forced to take part in something so unimaginably sinister...
I don't need this thing

Page 13
I'll quite being a State Alchemist
The dog's insignia...
It's covered in blood
Hold on to it, Fullmetal Alchemist
I don't need it
I'll spread the word around to other alchemists too, and put a stop to your plans
No, I believe you will have to continue holding onto that
With your own will
My own will?
There's no way...
Now what was that girl's name?

Page 14
It was Winry Rockbell.
A girl who is your childhood friend.
An automail mechanic.
Born in Resembool.
Someone equivalent to family for you two
Right now she is working in Rush Valley...
She is a blessing both to her friends and valued customers
A nice, honest girl.

Page 15
Don't you lay a hand on her!!
None of the people around her either!!
Such an honest boy.
What will you do?

Page 16
If you say you don't want it, I'll let you go
Very good.
The reason you were brought here is so you may understand your position.
That's all.

Page 17
What is it?
Instead of being put under watch, can be brothers stay the same as before or, how should I say...
The journey to find a way to return to our normal bodies...
Could you allow us to continue our journey the same as before?
I don't mind.
As long as you don't do anything unnecessary.
What will you do, Colonel Mustang?
You wouldn't say you're quitting the military, would you?

Page 18
That's right...
Though I'm a pet dog, I couldn't stand being an underdog
Above all, for my own ambition
It doesn't seem like I can take off my uniform or throw this thing away for the moment
Very good.
You may all leave.
May I ask one thing, your excellency?
What is it, Colonel?

Page 19
Were you the one who killed Hughes?
It was not me.
Then who?
Just one, was the promise.
Excuse me.
Oh, wait a moment, Alphonse.

Page 21 there something wrong?
...No, you may go.

Page 22
(A sword went over my head...!!)
Colonel! Please tell us Doctor Knox's address!
Oh? Okay...
I can tell you, but don't move very openly
And money!! Give us some change!!
Just give it to us, hurry!!
GUH!! Don't be so stingy!! Is this all you have?! PEH!!
What are you, a gangster?!
Sorry, Colonel!! We'll report back to you on various things later!!

Page 23
What in the world...
Oh no!!
The Lieutenant!!

Page 24
Mm? You look a bit pale, Colonel.
What man wouldn't look sallow when he finds a muscle-mustache-man standing at the meeting place with a woman
(I suppose she wouldn't be stupid enough to wait the whole night... No, maybe she's already been called up by the Fuhrer......)
(Dammit! Please be safe somehow...!)

Page 25
You're alright!
You were so late, I thought something might have happened!
Eh? Ahh! My apologies!
First Lieutenant Hawkeye, just now returned from the restroom.
Major Armstrong saw me on his way home and took my place for a little while....thank you, Major.
Not a problem.
......You didn't run away?
Now who was the one who said "Don't give up no matter what"?

Page 26
Don't go saying "I should have run away instead" later, Lieutenant!
You're saying such things now?
Atelier Garfiel. Yes?
Is that Winry?!
Brother, is Winry there?!
What?! Did you break it?!
Ahhh uhhh it's, you know
I was worried whether you arrived there safely
Was there anyone suspicious following you?
Winry, are you okay?

Page 27
Ed, you're creepy
What was that?!
The very fact that you're calling me is weird!! To think that someone who has no delicacy like you would call out of worry!!
Ewww!! Is this a change in the weather?! Weird!!
(One would lose faith if it's usually like that...)
Why you...
For the call. I'm happy.
Thanks, you guys.
Ahh, yeah.
Are you really okay?
Be careful. Yeah. Bye.

Page 28
It's desperate moments like this that let you get taken advantage of!
I said it's Greed
But really...just shake you up a little and you get so anxious
There might even be someone following you, and yet you go call the person who's become your weakness...
I've never seen someone so easy to take advantage of

Page 29
What do you want!
Mm. Ling, was it? (this guy)
I got a request from your friend.
Letters? What does it say?
Dunno. Can't read it.
He says to give it to the woman who's waiting for him.
...I don't know where she is.
He says to give it to her.

Page 30
If we go to give it to that woman, are you going to follow us and kill her?
Why would I do a petty thing like that?
And I have no interest in fighting women.
My policy is to never tell a lie
Seeya. Thanks for the favor.

Page 31
.......It's Greed.
It's just a bruise, there should be no serious injuries.
It's not good!! Increasing my patients like that!! With these two girls taking up the bed and sofa, where the hell am I supposed to sleep?!
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
Ran Fan!
You should be sleeping!
Young master...
Is he not with you?

Page 32
It's okay, he's alive.
I've brought a message from him.
What, is that Xingese? (Can't read)

Page 33
Ran Fan?!
It says "I've gotten the Philosopher's Stone".....!!
Now our clan is....
That's right, where is he?
We must return to our country quickly and tell everyone.....where is the young master?

Page 34
Why won't you say anything.....
What's happened...
"He's alive", but...why didn't you bring him here?!
Answer me, Alphonse!!

Page 35
How is your body doing, Greed?
So you're Wrath?
That's right.
I'm doing very well.
Did you hear? They say this body is a prince of Xing!
He's an interesting one
Wanting to get power to become the emperor, he accepted me on his own.
...There was a time where I had an argument with that prince about what is a true king

Page 36
He said that he would support and protect his country and people but...
That idiot. He changed his desires and lost everything.
That prince, what a foolish human
Shut up
Don't make light of humans
That's how it is
He's vigilantly watching for an opportunity to take over me

Page 37
So he'll even try to swallow down a monster
Humans are endlessly greedy
Oh thanks goodness you came!!
We were just wondering how in the world we should clean up this mountain of rubble
Haha...sorry I trashed this place up so much
Officer, you're one of the guys who got caught up in our fight with Scar and were knocked out, right? How's your injuries?
It was just a concussion, I'm perfectly fine! (the other guy too)

Page 38
How about you, you were targeted by Scar. You okay?
Ahhh~~~ yeah. A lot of stuff happened and I'm tired.
Wanna clean this up fast and sleep.
Come to think of it...I can use alchemy...
Now that's a State Alchemist for ya!!
You're on a different level than those other alchemists!
Before noon we had some nearby alchemists come help us, but
We couldn't use them at all!

Page 39
They came onto the scene with a whole lot of confidence, but when it came time they got upset saying "I can't use my alchemy"!
Before noon?
(That's around when I was at that bearded guy's place...)
(Does that mean that besides Al and me, other alchemists couldn't use their alchemy at that time?)
**Veranda~** [XDD I love you, Arakawa]
I didn't think you'd actual come back to fix it
(disregard how it looks)
It's finally all done...!

Page 40
Would you like to have some tea?
No thanks. I'll go back and sleep.
If we have the Philosopher's Stone, we can bypass the problem of the passage fee. If Al performs human transmutation on himself... No, wait, if we transmute Al with his armor body, that means the armor will also...
The body like that?
It goes like does it go?
............Oh no.
I'm too sleepy to think.
Mr. Alchemist!
Thank you.

Page 41
Get a hold of yourself.
(That was a form of energy without a body or mind. I understand that.)
(But this uncomfortable feeling...)
(It means my true feelings don't approve of it)
(What will I do now? Keep pursuing the Philosopher's Stone?)
(Do I have to suck my thumb and watch what that bearded Hohenheim-lookalike is trying to do?)

Page 42
(! That bean girl and Scar's alchemy...)
(They were able to use alchemy when the alchemists here couldn't)
(It's still possible to fight against that bearded guy. An alchemy with a different lineage than ours...?)
(...So...there are still possibilities for alchemy!!)

Page 43
(This place is a bit too large.)
(It would be hard work to investigate it all)
These guys know everything about that rebellion!!
(...What would be the use of launching a civil war to the point of bringing a country to ruin?)
(And just who was that)
(What is he planning underground here?)
Who is that?

Page 44
Is someone there?
Marcoh and Scar
What will this meeting bring forth?!

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