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Is Chapter 56 out yet? :/ Methinks I might spend most of tomorrow in the lab waiting for it...

We've started watching Outlaw Star in Anime Club. It' I'm not really into space adventures, and I can't help being skeptical after my Astronomy class last year. (I really doubt a human could survive floating right next to a sun wearing only a space suit...or staring straight at it, for that matter.) And the cat girl is annoying. >.< Had enough of them with Escaflowne. Though, I like how the lead character has problems about being in space. I think my fav character so far is Jim. :/

...Wtf. I registered on an Anthropology forum run by a professor here, and all the available avatars are from anime/RPGs/comics/cartoons. o_o There's Slayers, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Oh My Goddess, Final Fantasy, Dragonball Z, Princess Mononoke, Pokemon, Slam Dunk, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Evangelion, X-Men, South Park, Simpsons.....some other stuff I don't recognize.... *chooses a Kodama avatar*

Dude, this guy is awesome. O_O I want to take one of his classes now...

EDIT: I WANT TO READ/WATCH MUSHISHI!! I heard a lot about it in Japan but the manga had no furigana and aaaggghhh I wish I had a computer so I could download it. ;___;
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