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Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.
You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.
You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.
And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

Mind went: oooh pretty shades of blue and squigglies! XD;

And I wrote a Roy!fic for the first time. :O It's a companion to The Nightmare...

It was raining. Always raining. Roy Mustang trudged through a world of eternal rain, the water up to his knees, clothes slopping wet, his gloves dank with mildew.

Feeling utterly depressed and downhearted, Roy didn't even notice the calling of young voices until their owners were standing right in front of him. He raised his head. Before him stood Edward and Alphonse Elric, their faces beaming, as well as the sky above them (for some reason the storm clouds parted only where they stood, so that golden rays of sunlight shone down upon their heads).

Roy raised his eyebrow at them. "Yes?"

The boys continued smiling and shouted in unison, "Adopt us!"

Roy's eyes widened.

"Adopt us!"

He took a step back.

"Adopt us!" they persisted, still beaming like angels sent from heaven.

Roy ran for his life. He could hear them follow, splashing and clanking with more shouts of "Adopt us, adopt us!!" and their arms outstretched toward him.

"HELL NO!" he shouted back.

And then he was stopped in his tracks by a line of people stretching miles to his left and right. They were all facing him. At a closer look, Roy realized that it was a line of women to be specific, and in the very middle, with arms linked around slim beautiful waists, was Second Lieutenant Havoc.

"Hey, Colonel," Havoc greeted around the cigarrette in his mouth.

"Havoc, what..." Roy then also realized that he had once dated all of these women. "...HOW..."

"Looks like your luck's run out, Colonel," Havoc winked. "Now it's my turn."

As Roy gaped, the Elric Brothers began closing in, and he hurriedly pushed through the line of women (they hissed at him and clawed at his back with their polished nails). He ran and ran, the rain continued pouring, the brothers continued beaming, the line of women and Havoc shrinking farther into the distance, and then...

There was a chair before him. A throne. And sitting in it, wearing the Fuhrer's colors, was Sergeant Major Fuery!!!

"Hahaha, looks like Fuery made it to the top before you, Colonel!" Havoc's voice taunted, reaching his ears from miles away.

Roy fell to his knees, no longer caring about the Elric Brothers harassing him, jumping on his back, asking to play ball. He was just about to let out a moan of despair when suddenly, he found he couldn't speak.

Roy looked around. Everything was gone. The rain, Fuery, the brothers, everything. He looked down at himself. He was covered in fur. He'd turned into a dog!!!

"There you are," echoed a voice from above. He recognized it's owner as First Lieutenant Hawkeye. "Are you hungry?"

Before him was placed a bowl. Inside the bowl was a bone. And Hawkeye loomed above him like a giant, aiming her pistol at him. "Now be a good little dog of the military and EAT."

She pulled the trigger.

"OH, GOD!!!!"

Roy shot up from his desk where he'd been taking a nap and fell back from his chair. The people in the office stared at him.

"What was that about?"

"Bad dream, Colonel?" Havoc asked, peering over the desk.

"That's what happens when you slack off," Hawkeye sighed.

From that day on, Roy never slacked on his work. Well...for a few days, at least.
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