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Re: The Abducted Alchemist

I didn't buy the first novel, because the story didn't interest me and most people didn't like it. However, I bought the second novel over the weekend, read most of it last night, finished it today, and ohhh man was it worth the money. XD

First of all, the debate over the color of Roy's eyes is over. They're black. It says so in the book, and his eyes are clearly black in the color illustration by Arakawa. XD

Second, they are playing up the father-son thing between Roy and Ed SO MUCH. XD It's so cute. Good, fun, platonic interaction between the two. Lot's of it. This line in particular made me grin:

For those few moments, when he ran up to talk to Roy, Edward did have a father in the military, and he was surprised to find he wasn't exactly sure how he felt about that. -(page 87)


There's really nothing deep or meaningful about the story, but it's fun, and a very easy read. It reminded me of the first volume of the manga, actually. And so much Roy-tachi action! ♥

Though, there were some things that stuck out to me. Roy calling Ed by his name, for example. O.o And Havoc calling Roy by his name. Riza was called "Lieutenant" for a while at first, but then they changed it to "Captain" near the end. O.o; I don't have the books in Japanese, so I'm not sure whether this is just in the translation....otherwise, I thought it read smoothly and naturally.

Ummm and now some of my favorite quotes!

"No hesitation. No doubt. No child!"

"The Fullmetal Alchemist's been kidnapped?"
"The poor sod."
"Takes guts to kidnap him!"
"Who would
want to kidnap that kid!?"
"Whoever did is sure going to regret it."
"We should hold a service for the poor guy."

This was no abducted troublemaker. This was an abducted madman.

XDDD Ahh, it's got me fangirling the series all over again. THREE DAYS UNTIL CHAPTER 56~!

...It's rather sad that I don't have any Roy icons.
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