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why am I not surprised?

Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie gets 0% at Rotten Tomatoes.
I am amused.
Being an old Pokemon fanatic, it's odd how much I despise this whole franchise. Now I understand how people felt during the previous fad. It's kinda sickening.
I mean, I enjoy the manga whenever I read my Shonen Jump USA, but the way the anime series is being exploited gets on my nerves. I'm dreading the day the manga storyline starts going all hardcore card battling. I like it the way it is now thanks, with a variation of games and dark plots and actual SUSPENSE. It feels hard to get excited over a card game.
Much worse is the fact that it seems this movie was created with the American audience in mind. This doesn't give me high hopes for it at all. I saw the trailer, and it makes me gag. They're doing the "get a free rare card with the movie!" thing like with the Pokemon movies, and though I loved that when I was young, come on, I was only 12 back then. I was pathetic. My life was devoted to Pokemon. And that's just sad. I'm still obsessive, but at least I have a writing career to focus on as well.
And now all my video games are hidden away in the closet along with my posters and action figures and Burger King toys. It feels embarassing to even have them in eyesight. And though I am still very fond of the critters (Raichu, Charmander, Chikorita, plus many more), and this whole writing thing really got started with Pokemon fanfiction (none of which I've ever actually finished -_-), I've moved onto better things. I appreciate what it's done for me, but it's in the past.
Heck, I've even stopped going to Pokeschool now. This actually makes me feel ashamed. I've long since lost touch with the D-web gang since my trip to London last year, and the only Pokeschool friends I still talk to on a regular basis is Jen and Adam. Not only have I ditched my Moderator duties, but a lot of cool people as well. Shame.
Waitaminute, why am I talking about Pokemon now? This entry is about Yu-Gi-Oh! Grarr, I got sidetracked. >< Anyway, the commercialism sucks, and thank goodness the subbed DVD's are coming out. Not that I'm interested in buying them, but at least now people can see something other than the horrible 4Kids dub.

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