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Pokesupe translation STAATO!

Ahaha I went and translated two chapters because they seem so short. XD; Well, they are short compared to FMA... And the tone and style is so different, wow. XD The reading level is a lot easier, but it's harder in terms of the amount of casual speech... Anyway!

Page 1
Oh my, it's already this late. Could you go wake up that sleepyhead, A-tarou?

Page 2&3
Chapter 91: VS Murkrow

Page 4
Uh, uhh...oh, morning. Thanks, everyone. Also, could you do the usual?
Hyahahaha!! That tickles!! But thanks!!
G'morning, mom. (sparkle)
Did you wash your face?
Of course!!
Your bangs are exploding again.
This look is popular!
Time to go play! Let's go, everyone!!

Page 5
This is the Johto area...New Bark Town
Utsuji Laboratory, straight ahead
It's sure been fast.
It's already been a year since that great fuss over in Kanto.
It must have been hard for Professor Ookido at that time.
(pii pii)
Oh, this is bad. I have to finish conditioning them quickly...

Page 6
Hoot~ hoot~
Next is my, Kurumi's, latest song, "The Boy on a Lapras"...please give it a listen!!
Oh, it's Kurumi-chan, A-tarou!
"Quiet ripples, heal a heart tired from battle"
So sweet~ Kurumi-chan
"Yes, riding on the back of a Lapras~"
"I want to cross the sea of love with you~"
"Yes, riding on...biiiizzzzz~~"

Page 7
Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey!! What's wrong, radio?!
Did the antenna break?!
Mm?! That's...
Someone's snuck into the backyard. Why you--!
Were you the one who broke the antenna? How dare you disturb my recreation time!

Page 8
I-it's not like that!! I'm Y-Youngster Gorou! I'm not anyone suspicious!!
Sneaking around in a person's yard in the middle of the night, that's extremely suspicious!!
Gettim, A-tarou! "Scratch"!!
Y-you got it wrong! Up there, look!!
It's a Murkrow. While I was carrying some got taken away by that Murkrow.

Page 9
So it must be the one who took the antenna!
You understand that it's a misunderstanding?!
...... It happens all the time, don't worry about it.'s not like I can't climb up there, but it's a bit of a bother. About how heavy is your bag?! It's pretty heavy, maybe about 5 to 6 kilos? that case, I'll go with this.

Page 10
A jumpshot with a cue stick...!
He launched the Pokeball!
Now! Bring the antenna down, and this guy's luggage along the way!!
(along the way?)

Page 11
Amazing! He caught it! That's all well and good, out!

Page 12
He's falling!!
A-tarou the Aipom. His tail is more dexterous than his hands and feet. Interesting, huh?!
Oh, thanks everyone, don't worry. I'm fine.

Page 13
Are these...all your family's Pokemon? S...sure is a lot~
It's been like this since I was born. They're like family to me now.
In the neighborhood, our house is known as the Pokemon Mansion!
I'm Gold. Nice to meetcha, Gorou. Good thing you got your luggage back!

Page 14
Thank you...nice to meet you!!
(But, thank goodness. That I didn't lose this luggage I'm supposed to deliver to Professor Utsugi.)
(As for me...there's another crowd of Pokemon over here.)
Wh-what's wrong?!
The Pokemon Song Hour "Featuring Kurumi-chan"- I ended up missing it after all!!! Hey Gorou...if you've recorded it, let me make a copy of it!!
Waaaaah!! What the heck!! Of course there's no way I could have recorded it!!

Page 1
Let's go, Gorou!!
P-please, wait a minute!!
Hey mom, Gorou and I are going out for juuuust a little bit!!
Oh my, to think that you'd wake up so early, what in the world happened? ...Then go ahead and take everyone with you!
Please take care of Gold, Gorou-kun.
Likewise, thank you for letting me stay overnight so suddenly.
I said let's go, Gorou!!

Page 2
Chapter 92: VS Hoothoot
(Last night...)
Thank you for getting my luggage.
(It's fine)
Actually, I was on the way to deliver this to Professor Utsugi's Laboratory. You know about Professor Utsugi, right?

Page 3
Yeah, that Pokemon Researcher who lives in this city? I've never met him, though.
That's right! And the one who asked me to take this to Professor Utsugi is...the one and only!
That famous Professor Ookido!!
What did you say?!! Professor Ookido?!
(Heheheh~ He's surprised. Professor Ookido is someone who no Pokemon Trainer doesn't know~~)
P-Professor Ookido is...
That old guy who's on the radio with the idol singer Kurumi-chan!
What a way to speak about such a distinguished professor.

Page 4
Pokemon Hour!! As always, today, I, Ookido, will broadcast the secrets of the Pokemon!
I'm the assistant, Kurumi! Hello!

No, the main is definetly Kurumi-chan. Just listen to that cuuuute voice.
That's it!! Oh Gorou~!!
Wh-what is it?
Just maybe, are you going back to Professor Ookido's place after you deliver that luggage?
That's right. Right now, the Professor is doing research in Cherrygrove City, so I'll be going there...
Okay! Take me, too!!
Yup, as a Pokemon Trainer, I think it's gotta be necessary to meet a famous professor!
(Th...that's a lie. He's definetly planning on pestering him for Kurumi-chan's autograph or something!!)

Page 5
Mm? Hurry up, Gorou!
This personality...
Central New Bark Town
It's been a while, Pokemon boy!! How are ya?!
It's the son of the Pokemon Mansion, Gold.
Good morning, Gold.
How are you?!
Good morning.

Page 6
Y-you're famous.
Pretty much!
Let's hurry and get this luggage delivered! Mm?!
What the heck is that.
Now, come one, come all. It's the Pokemon Capture Game!
If you capture these Pokemon that I let loose within one minute, you get a fabulous prize! When you run out of time, this Hoothoot will let you know! The fee to play is 100 yen!!
Huh, sounds like fun. They say Hoothoot's internal clock is super-accurate.
Nah, he's just using Hoothoot for his sham.
See, no one's succeeded yet, right?

Page 7
Waaah waaaiiit!!
Okay! One minute! You've run out of time, too bad! Next person~~
Man, so close~
(Heeheehee, it's simple!)
(Even if they come close to catching them all, my Hoothoot will announce a false one minute!)
That jerk. Okay!
Hey, Gorou. Could you look after these guys?
What are you going to do?
I'm gonna go teach that guy a lesson!
Hey mister, I want to play too!
Oh, that's fine. Then it's 100 yen to play.
I wonder if I can do it. I'm not very good with Pokemon.

Page 8
You can do it, Gold!! (You can do it~!!)

Page 9
(Grr...that brat is pretty good...!)
(Okay, Hoothoot!)
(There's still time, but announce the fake one minute.)
U-uwaaaa! Wh-what the?!!

Page 10
Well well, looks like Hoothoot's announcing that time's run out- that is, that it's run out for your phony business.
What'd he say, phony?!
I thought something was weird.
Shit, we're closed for today!
That's Gold for you!!
(He's a bit rough, but I can kinda understand why he's popular.)
Thank you, thank you

Page 11
Well then, that's all settled. Let's hurry and get Kurumi-chan's autograph!
...I'll tell you this now,
it's not exactly guaranteed that you'll get one!
But still, I see you in a new light.
When A-tarou looked at Hoothoot back then, that was the "Swagger" attack.
That attack confuses your opponent.
You can't pull off that kind of combination unless you're used to it.
Pretty much.
You and A-tarou sure must get in a lot of mischief.! Hey, Gorou. My backpack that I left here...where is it?!
Oh's gone!!
Heyheyheyheyheyheyhey! What happened, where's my backpack!!

Page 12
!! M-maybe....!
Gold, a while ago, your family's Pokemon that you put in their balls were all stuffed inside your backpack, right?!
Just like my bag...
Maybe someone who's after my luggage made a mistake and took yours...?!
What do you mean, Gorou?!
This luggage is research data going from Professor Ookido to Professor Utsugi. It wouldn't be strange to say that someone might be after it!
...which means... Those guys, they were all stolen?

Page 13
Hey, Gorou, when the culprit realizes the mistake, where do you think he'll go next?!
! To Professor Utsugi's place!
I've been with those guys since I was born.
I don't care who it is, I'll go find that thief no matter what.
Wait for me, everyone!
New Bark Town, Eastern Outskirts. Utsugi Laboratory.
?! Gorou-kun, is that you?!

Page 14
You were faster than I expected. Did Professor Ookido say anything?!
I thought someone was here...maybe I'm hearing things.
(now then)
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