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Welcome to the amazing world of Pokemon! I'm Doctor Marcoh, what is your name?


HOHENHEIM? That is your name?


Nice to meet you, HOHENHEIM! Your goal in this world as a Pokemon Trainer is to capture all the Pokemon that exist and complete your Pokedex! What is a Pokedex, you say? Here you go!

HOHENHEIM recieves a Pokedex!

That is my latest invention, fresh from the 5th Laboratory! Use it well! Now, you'll need a Pokemon to start you, you can have one of mine!

On a table, you see two Pokeballs. One is green, with a lable underneath reading: RUSSEL TRINGHAM. The other is red, and the label reads: EDWARD ELRIC.

These two Pokemon are very rare and special! RUSSEL TRINGHAM is a Grass type, but EDWARD ELRIC is a Steel type. Which would you like?


EDWARD ELRIC? Are you sure?


Are you absolutely sure?




Okay, here you go!


Would you like to give a nickname to your new Pokemon?


Great! What would you like to name it?


Let's look at it's Pokedex entry!

Fullmetal Pokemon
Despite its short stature, the EDWARD ELRIC is a fierce fighter, especially when insulted. It can be particulary difficult to handle in the wild because of its temperamental nature.

Now you're all set! Have fun!

You find yourself on a grassy hill next to a burnt tree and some rubble. A sign nearby reads [RESEMBOOL TOWN]. You start wandering around and walk down a path.

Ring ring ring! Someone is calling on your Pokegear!

Hello, HOHENHEIM! Remember me, Doctor Marcoh? I'm just calling to give you some advice. Do you see those grassy patches next to the paths? If you walk through them, you might find some wild Pokemon! Give it a try!

You walk into the grass. After a moment, something appears!

A wild ALPHONSE ELRIC attacks! You send out MAMETSUBU to battle!

MAMETSUBU uses Leer attack!

ALPHONSE ELRIC counters with a Karate Chop!

MAMETSUBU's HP goes down! You order it to use a Low Kick, but it ignores your command!

ALPHONSE ELRIC uses another Karate Chop!

MAMETSUBU's HP goes way down! But it still won't listen to you!

Oh my, it seems like your Pokemon doesn't like you very much. Are you sure you made the right choice?


To be continued...?

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