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"eighteen sky"

I couldn't get to sleep last night, so I decided to translate the song "eighteen sky" by Nana Kitade because it's beautiful and just happened to be what I was listening to at the time.

eighteen sky

I'm not strong,
but I'm not that weak either.
When I realize it,
I can't lose, I can't laugh.

Only my sighs,
as they are continually broken,
seek for love.

When I look up, the reflected certain sky.
It's almost too bright, ahh ahh,
I can hardly continue facing forward.
Unconsciously remaining downcast,
I think of you.

I threw out
my frozen arms and legs.
I abandoned
my wounded heart.

Wrap my small body,
tired of waiting,
with love.

The distant blue that spreads everywhere.
Even if I try stretching out my hand, ahh ahh,
I was thinking there was no way I could reach.
You just laughed,
"That's not true."

If I look up, even now, the certain sky.
It's almost too bright, ahh ahh.

The blue that we gazed at with our hands linked.
Please, please, for always, ahh ahh.
Though I can feel you this close,
it's as if we just suddenly met.
With you like this,
as if I knew
that this was destiny...

sorehodo yowakumo nai
makenai waraenai

tameiki dake ga
togire togire ni
ai wo motomete

miagereba utsutta tashikana sora
mabushisugiru hodode ahh ahh
totemo mae wo muite irarenai yo
omowazu utsumuita mama
anata wo omotta

teashi wo nage dashite
kizu tsuita
kokoro wo okizarini

chiisa na karada
ai de tsutsunde

doko mademo hirogaru tooku no ao
te wo nobashitemitemo ahh ahh
todoku wake mo nai to omotteta no
"sonna koto nai yo" to tada
anata wa waratta

miagereba imademo tashikana sora
mabushisugiru kurai ahh ahh

te wo tsunaida futari nagameta ao
douka douka zutto ahh ahh
konna ni mo chikakuni kanjiru kedo
marude totsuzen deatta
anata to koushite
sore wa unmei datte
shitteta youni...

I'd upload the song itself, but as I am currently lacking my own computer... D:

EDIT: WTF, since when did translating become my number one hobby??? I need to start writing something... >.
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