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Chapter 35 Translation

FINISHED! ...Why don't I have any Roy-tachi icons? D:

Page 1
Chapter 35: The Sacrificial Sheep

Page 2
Credits go here I guess?

Page 3
Now then!
I guess we'll go show our faces to the military authorities first. Lieutenant Colonel Hughes is in the military law enforcement, right?
...I wonder if he's been gathering information about the Philosopher's Stone since then?
Hmm...I wonder. We've been nailed down by the Fuhrer, after all.
What? What are you talking about?
It's between guys!

Page 4
Jeez, it's always been like that!
Where's the young master?
He should have been with you the whole time
(People in background: Armor... A mask... Performers?)
Missing again.....
That feels better! Let's go!

Page 5
Are you alright?
Oh great, someone's collapsed on the road
Where are you from?
What? You're from Xing?
And your visa?
Outta the way, outta the way~
Illegal immigrant coming through~
Help me~~~~~
Oh my

Page 6
First Lieutenant Hawkeye is here!
Edward, Alphonse, are you well?
Yup, same as always.
The lady from that time!!
! You must be the girl from Resembool...
Yes! It's Winry

Page 7
You've become so pretty!
Ms. Riza, you've grown out your hair
They're good friends?
When did that happen?
If the Lieutenant is here...
Hi, Fullmetal.
Oh, hello Colonel.
What's with that disgusted face?
Hi, what a cute girl, I'm Roy Mustang, my rank is Colonel, what? we've met before? ahh, you must be that cutie from then, I didn't notice because you've grown so beautiful, ___________, if you're ever in any trouble I can help you anytime, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. [blank is where I can't read the kanji D:]
Why is the Colonel here?!

Page 8
Last month I've been put on duty in Central. And what about you?
Oh, we've come to gather information.
We've been looking up on the Philosopher's Stone and Homunculi.
Homunculi? Don't be ridiculous.
The military that orders 'It is forbidden to create people' isn't going to come out with that kind of information so readily.
Well, that's true.
Oh, that's right, one more thing
We're thinking of going to say hello to Lieutenant Colonel Hughes
How is he?

Page 9
...he's gone.

Page 10
...he moved to the country.
It's been getting dangerous around here lately
He returned to the country taking his wife and child. It seems he's going to take over the family business.
He's no longer here.
Is that so...that's too bad.
Being a soldier is a dangerous job
And I wanted to meet him~

Page 11
The Philosopher's Stone and Homunculi, was it? I'll contact you if there's any information.
Let's go, Lieutenant.
Don't go jumping to conclusions and acting rashly.
? Yeah, I'll be careful.
So you'll only treat them as children at times like this?
They don't need to know now.
Those brothers need as little as possible to get in their way for them to move forward.

Page 12 if.
...I can't be calling Major Armstrong a good man now.
About one of the Major's subordinates

Page 13
There's someone being questioned as a material witness in the murder of Brigadier General Hughes
Is that true?!
Second Lieutenant Maria Ross. Though she herself is denying the allegation.
Go gather information regarding Second Lieutenant Ross
How far?
Hurry, but keep it classified.

Page 14
Everything you say will be recorded.

Page 15
Would you explain what this is about?
The bullet used in the murder of Brigadier General Hughes was the same 45 caliber as the ones used in military-issued guns.
The number of bullets used was one.
The gun that I usually use is of the same caliber.
And recently, the amount of bullets I've reloaded is just one.
What did you use it for? a guard for the Elric Brothers at the 5th Laboratory....

Page 16
That place is a closed-off area and is being treated as if no one went inside and that no one had been there.
The bullet that I used there is probably still under the rubble and cannot be confirmed.....
.....So it's "a bullet unaccounted-for"
And on that day, it seems that I've been seen to have left the scene at the time of the murder.
Were you there?
No. At that time during that day, I was at my parents' house.
But people who have such a close relationship with me as my family won't be acknowledged as witnesses to my alibi.
So these are circumstances that cannot be excused away....

Page 17
Major Armstrong!
Sergeant Brosh!
So you came too, Major?
To see Second Lieutenant Ross?
Yes. About the bullet that is unaccounted-for
The 2nd Lt. and I both shot one bullet in guarding the Elric Brothers at the 5th Laboratory.
I came to defend her about that but...
They just turned me away from their door

Page 18
It's strange. It's as if they've already decided that 2nd Lt. Ross is the culprit.
(Or perhaps...)
(Perhaps they meant to pin up the 2nd Lt. as the culprit from the beginning...)
It's here, it's here. What I look forward to every day.
Woah, you mean the one thing a great man looks forward to in the day is the newspaper?
Shut up!
If I stay indoors for this long, the newspaper is about the only entertainment I get!

Page 19
...Jeez, who's fault does he think it.....
This is Warrant Officer Falman. I'm calling from outside.
Please connect me to Colonel Mustang.
What're you being so noisy about?
That's right. The code is...
She's the one from that time...

Page 20
Colonel! It's the matter of the Brigadier General Hughes murder case...
Hey Falman, gimme the phone a bit.
Just give it to me
I have something good to say
(The Philosopher's Stone...)
(Greed, the Homunculus who has the mark of the Ouroboros)

Page 21
(Human transmutation...)
('Forbidden to make people,' huh...)
Don't surprise me like that
The newspaper...on the front......this...

Page 22
What is it
Second Lieutenant Maria Ross
Decided as the culprit of last month's Brigadier General Maes Hughes murder case?!

Page 23
What's wrong, Al?
Sorry!! I'll explain after we've confirmed it!
Explain what?
Let's go, Al
What in the world happened?!

Page 24
I don't like this
Don't complain, it's just like a dog collar
And? Ling Yao (going and eating all this food)
Where did you come from?
From Xing.
Your age?
15 years old.
(it's true~~)
How many are in your party? What was your route? Your objective?
Tell me every...

Page 25
?! What the?
What's wrong?!
Some strange...intruder wearing armor!!
Not enough, not enough, not enough

Page 26
You guys
really wanna do this?!
What the hell is that!! The guns don't work!!
I'll blow his head off

Page 27
Woah, there...
Too bad!!
GYAAAAAAAAA's tough when I'm not supposed to cut them

Page 28
Gotta get this business over with fast...
Hello hellooo~
Let me out <3
Ah? Who are you
I snuck into this country from Xing
Ah~ really~ musta been hard from so far away
I don't have time to be dealing with you
Please, somehow! At this rate I'll be deported!
Don't care. Seeya.
If you let me out, I'll help you

Page 29
....What country didja say you were from?
I'm from Xing in the East.
Come with me! Hurry!
Oh~~~ thank you

Page 30
There it is!
Ohhh! Nice thing you got here!
It's mine
Shut up, come quickly

Page 31
HELLO~~~ HONEY~~~~ [omg Barry is love xD]
I finally found you
!! You were at the 5th Laboratory...
I'm so happy you remember~~~~~ <3

Page 32
I'd remember whenever I see the hole in my right hand that you shot~~
Now. Miss Hughes-killer Maria Ross
That's a misunderstanding!!
Prob'ly. I'm sure now that I've met you
You don't have the eyes of a killer.
That's right! Once it's investigated properly...
The culprit decided?! Me?!
Wait a minute! Nothing's been.....
This is those guys' handiwork

Page 33
At this rate, you'll be made to wear the sin and be dragged in front of the firing squad
I doubt you'd even get to see tomorrow's morning sun!
This...this can't be...
To continue being tortured by them!!
Or to run away!!
It's one of the two!! the worst case, my life comes first, so the second one
Give me time to think....
There's no time for that

Page 34
The reinforcements have come, see? what he says, so if you don't choose this minute, I'll cut you open right here, right now
There's no room to choose!!
Ahh jeez! Father, Mother, I'm sorry!!
I'll escape! I just have to escape, right?! Go and escort me, you stupid bone-armor!!
Oh?! You got good spirit!!
Woman, have courage!!
Gehahahaha, that's it, girly!! You're a woman worthy of cutting!!

Page 35
Yes, like that.
Notify the whole city. Maria Ross has escaped from the Western Police Cell
It seems she has an fiendish companion. Capture her immediately.
If she resists, killing is allowed.
Killing is allowed.

Page 36
First Lieutenant.
I'll go out for a bit.
Mind my absence. far are we going to run?!
Just keep running!!

Page 37
2nd Lt. Ross!!
Edward and Alphonse?!
Ahhhh!! It's you!!
Eh?! You know each other?!
Ling too?!
Heyy <3
Why are you here?!
That's my line!!
Eh? Eh? Eh?
Yeeargh, don't get in the way!!

Page 38
(Dangerous, jeez!)
2nd Lt. Ross!! What's this about! Was Lt. Colonel Hughes...
Don't bother with them, girly!!
From that back alley, run straight to the warehouse district!! You can get away in the dark there!!
If the military police get here, you'll be killed!!
Edward, I'm sorry!! I'll explain later!!

Page 39
Don't come any closer!!
I don't have time to deal with you!!
...why you!!
2nd Lieutenant!!
2nd Lieutenant Ross!!

Page 40
Owowow...that bastard
Is this what he meant by 'give me the phone'?
Dammit! I have a lump on my head!
First Lieutenant Hawkeye!
Warrant Officer Falman?
I apologize, I let him get away!!
Is the Colonel...
The Colonel is out for private reasons

Page 41
He won't be back for a while.
You're Maria Ross?

Page 42

Page 43
I said I don't have time to deal with you guys!!
Let's go, squinty eyes!
Yes, yes
Why are you with someone like that?!

Page 44
...Ahh jeez!!
(lot's of panting)

Page 45
.....what is this.....

Page 46
What the hell is this!!

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