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Hahaha I'm actually doing research in here.

So my uncle bought me this keychain when we went to Odawara Castle a week or so ago. It has the family crest from my grandfather's side on it. And apparently that side of my family once owned a lot of land around that area, which made me go "WOAH COOL" because up to then I'd only heard stories about my grandmother's side so I'd had the impression that my ancestors were all peasants living in the mountains. (Though I still don't know much history because my uncle's explanations were at a level of Japanese that I'm not quite fluent in yet. D: But still, cool, some of my ancestors were samurai yey.)

So I've been spending the past hour looking up my family crest and hoping to find some history that I can understand. And I found the crest alright but not much else. But ah well. It's the one on the bottom left. :D
I've always sort of envied European families that have their own Coat of Arms, so this makes me kinda happy. I keep telling myself I should ask grandma about the family in Romania, but whenever she starts talking about it I always lose interest. :/ I know I'm going to regret that someday...

Also, this keychain came with a small bell, and as I have put it on my purse, it rings whenever I move and gets SO annoying. I spent twenty minutes today trying to pry the metal apart but it's made too well. Damn you Japanese manufacturers for making such quality keychains!! >O

EDIT: Hmmm, I wonder how messed up my family tree would be if I ever try to make one.
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