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I'm so happy, I managed to make some progress on Chapter 2 at last! I still haven't gotten into the third page, but I stopped at a good place, so it should be easy to continue tomorrow. I mean, descriptions can be dull, but dialogue is a piece of cake. ^_^
I think the main problem I had in getting back into the mood is that Nelly was my main driving force in the last chapter, and in this one she's kinda out of it. But Dzader needs to have his character explored too, and we need more exposition before diving straight into the plot (and by then things will be interesting enough that I won't get stuck as much). So yeah, smooth sailing from here on out. :D
Another good thing that happened: Heiji (*ahem* Harley) was introduced in Detective Conan (*ahem* Case Closed) today! And his dubbed voice was actually pretty good! YAY! And of course everyone on the Adult Swim boards are going crazy- it's so amusing seeing everyone's reactions to the episodes. ^_^ And also this has prompted me to go sifting back through my 40+ volumes of Conan manga that I haven't touched in far too long...
Speaking of manga, LOOK:
Dream Saga, aka "Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara," is being released in English! WAHOO! Y'see, my cousin in Japan sent me the first two volumes of that manga like, woah, nearly five years ago, and I read it, and I loved it, but I never got to see the rest of it and that made me EVER SO SAD. So now I have a chance at seeing what happens! YAY! And though the review there isn't exactly positive (and I do agree with it somewhat), hell, it's a fond childhood memory and I've grown attached with the characters and the fact that the story is based off actual Japanese legend is fascinating and it has influenced my writing and YEAH I JUST LOVE IT, OKAY?

And that is all for tonight (er, this morning).

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