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Yesterday was surprisingly good. World Literature The reading material should be more interesting than what I had to read in last semester's English class anyway. And I finally have a decent Math professor, even though he has a strong accent that sounds Eastern European probably? (Though hey, I'm half vampire too.) And the review we did was laughably easy. (But it's homework intensive. ;__; I shouldn't be surprised, but...) And my Biology class was....okay. Not much to say about that. I think the professor desperately wanted to waste time because he talked about the syllabus for a whole hour.

Now, as for Anthropology today...the professor is awesome. XD She is very honest (like she admitted that she was high on Nyquil. XD;). She does seem like a very good teacher though, and the extra credit sounds FUN. Ohhh yes, I am going to enjoy this class...

World History this evening, for THREE hours. @__@ I like history, but...I've never had a class that long before. Now it's probably a good thing I only have it once a week because I don't want to get sick of's hoping my jetlag doesn't kick in.
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