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HALLO again!

So I woke up this morning and dashed to the Kinokuniya right across from our hotel in Shinzuku (this was shortly after 10 AM so...9 PM at home?). I bought the Gan Gan. I read the chapter and squealed over it in the train. And then I went to the Ghibli museum in Mitaka (which was awesome, btw- I want to live there). And then my mom and I went to visit my great-grandmother in the hospital in Mitaka....which was really sad (she doesn't seem to recognize us at all). So....I'm not as excited as I was in the morning. BUT! It was still really amazing and most of the things I thought would happen DID! >) More thoughts when I get back home, probably. AL/MEI AL/MEI AL/MEI!!!

And again, POKEMON SPECIAL OMG. ♥ Am currently pondering buying Volume 16, which is entirely Advance arc, but I'm not very into the Advance games, but Ruby is SUCH a hilarious character I love him I love him I'm gonna make a mood theme with him, and I know that if I buy one more, I'm going to end up buying them all. D: And uh....I have a lot more to say on that but I have to go check over Kirsten's translation now.

I hear the scans are sucky, btw? O.o Should I scan my copy when I get home? Could people wait that long??


EDIT: You know what...I don't have time to check over the translation. >.<;; I'm sorry Kirsten!! I'll start my own translation on the plane if I can't get to another internet cafe by then and compare when I get back, but with your computer broken it doesn't seem like things are going well for us anyway? Maybe it'll be better to produce a late-but-quality scanlation...well that's what I'll be going by because you're not online and I have to leave in a few minutes. .__. I'm sorry!!!

EDIT 2: I did not know these games existed! So that explains Red and Blue's costume changes in the new manga!! So that's what the Fire Red/Leaf Green arc is about!! OLD SCHOOL POKEMON HELL YEAH!!!

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