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Woke up today due to a bad dream in which the Scorpion King was chasing me through the house. Yeah. Weird.

We were pretty busy yesterday at Writer's Group, and we even had a couple of new members. But still, it was kind of dull. And I forgot my sweater so it was FREEZING. AC overkill, anyone?
And no, I wasn't able to make any progress last night. >< Came home, and was UTTERLY DISTRACTED by news of the latest FMA manga chapter (Arakawa is EVIL!).
But I will write today! I WILL! I'll force myself to! Even if it means I have to sit here staring at the monitor the whole day!

In other news, I think I've become addicted to cumin seeds. Whenever I even pass by my room, I have to go in there and get a sniff. And I love how the whole house smells like spices now. Mmmmmmmmm.

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