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I'm posting so much to make up for my coming three-week absence

Wow, I really like all my presents this year, which is a surprise because half of it was clothing. :O But it's clothing that I really need and doesn't look that bad on me. And I got everything that I wanted, including gift cards though mom feels guilty that she didn't get me much and said she'll buy me something in Tokyo. >D

And now...

Default Icon:

Oldest Icon:

Newest Icon:

Saddest Icon:
First one is for when I'm feeling sad, second is for when other people are.

Happiest Icon:

Angriest Icon:

I don't get angry that much, so...

Cutest Icon:

Sexiest Icon:

XD I don't think any of my icons are really 'sexy' (though they may have sexy characters...)

Most Humourous Icon:
:/ I don't think any of them are laugh-out-loud funny either...

Icon You Use The Most [besides default]:
Dunno, really; I don't even use my default that often...

Favourite Icon You've Made:

It doesn't actually suck! (Plus I like how "sigh" rhymes with "Sai" and uh...yeah.)

Favourite Icon Made By Someone Else:

Favourite of the Moment:
Because one is OMG ZUKO and the other is OMG LING. They're both princes and they're both friggin' awesome.

Favourite Overall:

I can't really choose a favorite, but I like the moods that I'm in when I use this one.

How many icons do you have total?

How many can you have?

If you could buy space for more, would you?
Well, I still haven't run out of space...

Do your icons make a statement about you?
I guess? I only choose ones that express my moods or represent something that I really like.

What fandom do you have the most icons of?
Fullmetal Alchemist. >_>;

The second most?
Kino no Tabi.

How do you categorize your icons?
By mood or character.

Are your icons mostly made by other users?
More than half of them are.

Do you make icons?

Are they any good?
Not so much that other people would want them.

Animated icons are...
Cool, but too flashy for me personally.

In general I think icons...
Are FUN.

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