June 25th, 2021

Ashita he

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  • Thu, 13:15: RT @Izandra: 751 children. Seven hundred and fifty-one. More than all the children found so far combined. These “schools” were evil. The pe…
  • Thu, 14:18: A little bird keeps pecking at our windows today. What in the world…? o_o
  • Thu, 17:36: RT @AriBerman: It’s ridiculous Mitch McConnell can steal two Supreme Court seats for Trump with 51 votes but protecting fundamental right t…
  • Thu, 22:25: RT @DudeExclamation: This sucks
  • Fri, 10:11: I’d been telling myself the past year that the first thing I’d do after being fully vaccinated was go eat ramen. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been fully vaccinated, I’ve done outdoor dining a few times, but not ramen. 😅 At this point it’s almost equal parts caution/laziness.