September 25th, 2020

Ashita he

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  • Thu, 13:47: RT @MinovskyArticle: The most likely answer is that background characters are drawn by assistants while the artist focuses on the MCs, but…
  • Thu, 14:06: RT @schezar: You're not over-reacting. If anything, America is under-reacting.
  • Thu, 14:21: Mom tried to encourage me to make more friends and I had a breakdown during lunch trying to explain that just getting through each day is all I can mentally handle right now.
  • Thu, 14:23: RT @cat_beltane: Heads up, there's two "bail funds" in Louisville; the Bail Project is the one of the two that is actually effective and ac…
  • Fri, 00:23: I want to write, or translate, or anything, but my eyes are TIRED. DX
  • Fri, 11:45: RT @ItsTheBrandi: What?!
  • Fri, 11:54: RT @KinoUmeda: 【文庫】小野不由美さん 『ゴーストハント3 乙女ノ祈リ』(角川文庫) 怪異&ミステリ色濃厚なシリーズ第3弾! 湯浅高校の生徒に次々と襲い掛かる怪事件。 奇異な怪異の謎を追い、調査するうちに、邪悪な意思がナルや麻衣を標的に?!是非シリーズで併せてご…