August 6th, 2020

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 12:40: RT @KaoruGans0: 渋谷でゲームあるある再現してみた
  • Wed, 19:32: RT @truffleduster: Operation Rescue Dumbass part 2: akko & michiru go 2 jail #lwa #bna
  • Wed, 19:38: RT @wendeego: browsing the "deca-dence" tag on twitter means switching btween folks praising deca-dence and folks yelling about sandwich bo…
  • Wed, 23:50: DECA-DENCE Episode 5: This show has me on the edge of my seat!!! I have no idea what’s going to happen next and I LOVE IT.
  • Thu, 00:16: RT @KittyandTea: Feel so uncomfortable seeing Back to School ads to be put up, it's like we're preparing to send kids to the Child Broiler
  • Thu, 09:30: RT @wendeego: deca-dence is good because 1) it gets at how the cruel systems in our lives were built that way over decades on purpose to fr…