June 25th, 2020

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 12:23: RT @_Zeets: I remember the condescending comments during the Popeye's sandwich thing about how black people don't go out to vote but would…
  • Wed, 14:34: RT @popplioikawa: i can't stop thinking about that joke that was like "a translator, a localizer and a fansubber walk into a bar, a mcdonal…
  • Wed, 20:09: I finally managed to buy hand sanitizer! \o/
  • Wed, 21:35: RT @mags_mclaugh: hearing obama venerate George W Bush makes me so angry. I was 18 and pissed off at the war and Katrina and I voted for ho…
  • Thu, 00:41: RT @DavidFutrelle: The Onion is reality now https://t.co/HEq6dNrqlD
  • Thu, 02:57: RT @emichan_iguana: このイボイボが🦎 気持ちいいにゃ〜😸(о´∀`о)スリスリ https://t.co/1gCOIiW4yw
  • Thu, 10:55: I need to finish my fic for the Ghost Hunt zine, but instead I keep getting ideas for every other GH fic I’m working on. 🤦🏻‍♀️