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Hikago dubbed!

Me: *starts watching Hikaru no Go preview DVD*

Mom: *hears opening theme from upstairs* NATSUKASHIII!! *comes down to watch*

Me: *folding laundry* *hears Hikaru's voice* GEHHHH!

Mom: GEH. Can't they pronounce the names right?

Me: "HikAru." Dx

Mom: I feel like I'm watching an American cartoon. >/


Translation: Good
Hikaru's voice: Bleh.
Sai's voice: He sounds like he's having an orgasm in the beginning, but gets better.
Akari's voice: Alright.
Akira's voice: MUPPET!

Yep, I'll be going with subtitles for this one.
Tags: anime, hikaru no go

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