October 26th, 2017

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  • Wed, 12:52: RT @MinovskyArticle: Goro Miyazaki directed a movie he didn't want to make to impress a father too busy making movies to raise him & his fa…
  • Wed, 13:06: RT @nrasidi: "Where do you see yourself in 45 years?" https://t.co/IR80hCY7tA
  • Wed, 16:49: RT @ichinosehajimes: the endless eight descriptions on crunchyroll LOL https://t.co/Pv1V4oPhPR
  • Wed, 18:00: RT @thenKTwrote: I think millennials are taking a longer time coming to terms w/ the fact that we’re adults b/c a lot of us can’t afford to…
  • Wed, 19:20: WHY IS THIS SO CUTE OMG?? Their little hats!!! X_X https://t.co/iOYcrJTjmT
  • Wed, 22:24: RT @popo12306204392: チュチュ好きさんにもっと子ふぁきあを書いて欲しい… 現在から想像出来ない下がり眉、くりくりおめめにわんぱく感尊い わんぱくって単語を生み出した人すごくない??語感が神 現在から想像出来ないからこそのこの萌えcv櫻井孝宏 幼年期、ツン期を…
  • Thu, 00:42: Kino’s Journey 2017 Episode 1: Kino only stays in a country for 3 days! Episodes 3 & 4: Kino stays in a country for more than 3 days lol
  • Thu, 08:22: Ahhhhhhh https://t.co/06uufjB6Jk