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Okay, so here's my week summed up: Mom gets sick. D: I have to take care of everything around the house. On Tuesday, Dad picks me up for dentists; apparently my wisdom teeth are coming in but there's no room for them in my mouth, so I have to set up an appointment with an oral surgeon and possibly have them TAKEN OUT. When will I have time for this?? No idea. Possibly Spring or Summer break I'm going to have surgery. DX

I asked dad to take me Christmas shopping because mom was too weak to move, and I got most of it done yay, and spent quality time with Dad for the first time in like...over half a year. And somehow it felt like I could speak out more with him now, like we were on equal ground. It was nice. I also brought back food for mom so she wouldn't starve.

And now mom is feeling MUCH better, thank goodness, so she won't die on the plane or anything. And I wanted to make the rice cooker Japan bread, but we don't have time. D: So we'll make it at my grandma's house or something... And I am SO not feeling any Christmas spirit; I think we're skipping Christmas pretty much this year besides all the gift-giving and recieving. Actually, we're going to open our presents tonight, because we're leaving in the morning.

OMG I'M GOING TO JAPAN TOMORROW YAY!!! First time in five years~~ *__* New Years in Japan~~ WAAAIIIII!

And now to continue doing laundry/washing dishes/packing/etc.

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