September 23rd, 2016

Ashita he

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  • Thu, 22:57: Dante was doing pretty well this morning. But then he became really lethargic in the afternoon & could barely raise his head tonight...
  • Thu, 23:07: He was doing so good this morning though!!! He wanted to go to the park and play still...
  • Fri, 08:36: Apparently Dante is doing well now, but we're still waiting to hear from the doctor. Ended up taking off work today too...
  • Fri, 08:37: That's a whole week off work. Hopefully I don't get fired ahaha... x_x
  • Fri, 08:38: Really not in the mindset to work though. We're both exhausted, worried & puffy-eyed.
  • Fri, 09:00: Doctor called. They're thinking he might have gotten an infection. D:
  • Fri, 10:45: RT @Anime: #News '91 Days' #Anime Episode 11 Still Scheduled to Premiere on Friday