June 24th, 2016

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  • Fri, 01:57: So I've been having what I suspect to be a mild allergic reaction for several years now, and just recently it's gotten worse.
  • Fri, 01:58: Assuming this is a food allergy, I've narrowed down a few suspects: avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, chilis, peppers, cucumbers.
  • Fri, 01:59: I eat these all fairly regularly and have eaten them all in the past week...
  • Fri, 02:00: So I'm thinking I'll eliminate them all from my diet for the time being and see if anything changes. >.>
  • Fri, 02:02: I already knew I was mildly allergic to avocados (along with melons), but it didn't use to bother me if I consumed only small portions...
  • Fri, 02:03: It seems like it keeps getting worse the older I get, though. When I was a kid, I wasn't allergic to anything. :(
  • Fri, 02:06: I didn't even realize cucumbers might be a suspect until I just ate some for dinner and now I regret. D: