June 14th, 2016

Ashita he

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  • Tue, 02:19: RT @dog_rates: For anyone who's wondering, this is what happens after a doggo catches it's tail... 11/10 https://t.co/G4fNhzelDv
  • Tue, 02:48: Haibara uses that audio file of Heiji as her ringtone...I'm dying laughing. XDDD
  • Tue, 03:47: Jesus Christ the murders in this case are brutal. O_O
  • Tue, 04:17: Seems like Conan is making NO effort to hide his identity lately, lol.
  • Tue, 04:23: Conan, you're explaining your deduction right to Ran and Kogorou's faces. Might as well drop the whole little kid act now. XD