November 27th, 2015

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Thu, 17:10: Don't have any real plans for today so I'll do more translating woo~
  • Thu, 17:11: Work has been so busy lately, I can't get in the mood to do major cooking. :P
  • Thu, 17:12: But I think it'd be nice to just spend the day relaxing and snacking on things now and then.
  • Thu, 17:15: I think what I've been trying to focus on lately when it comes to translation is readability.
  • Thu, 17:17: If you're too literal, and it comes out barely comprehensible or doesn't flow well, then that's not really an accurate translation.
  • Thu, 17:18: To carry across the true intent of the writing, you have to make sure it sounds natural too.
  • Thu, 17:20: Ideally you can translate the literal wording & make it flow well too. But sometimes you need to reword things or it won't make sense.
  • Thu, 17:21: This all sounds pretty obvious but it's something I've been working on. :P
  • Thu, 17:25: My worry is that I might take too many liberties, and it'll end up sounding like something I wrote, instead of the original author's voice.
  • Thu, 17:26: So yeah, it's all about balance. I think I'm getting better, but there's always room to improve.
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