March 18th, 2015

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 04:44: RT @sushio_: テキサスで行われるアニメイベントANIME MATSURIの看板イラスト
  • Wed, 04:46: OMFG that Anime Matsuri poster OMG
  • Wed, 04:47: Inferno Cop right in the center. XD
  • Wed, 04:49: Am I supposed to recognize some of those characters on the left? Are they from Ninja Slayer or no? (Where IS Ninja Slayer...)
  • Wed, 04:49: I see mecha. Could this be...a future anime from Trigger?? Maybe??
  • Wed, 04:51: It's just that the red-haired girl@is featured as prominently as Ryuko so I am CURIOUS...
  • Wed, 04:55: I love those laser beams coming out of Guts's eyes.