November 10th, 2014

Ashita he

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  • Sun, 21:59: Just finished reading this. SO GOOD. I cried so much. ;___;
  • Sun, 22:08: @mossariyo もさこさんのシモニア本を読みました...シモンの泣き顔...本当にありがとうございました.... ;__;
  • Mon, 04:01: So the post office finally delivered my Hellsing Blu-Ray properly, so I watched the finale tonight.
  • Mon, 04:02: As people have said, it really is stuffed with excessive monologuing and was dragged out...but I still enjoyed it!
  • Mon, 04:03: Alucard & Integra's ending was surprisingly romantic and sweet. XD
  • Mon, 04:06: But really, even Doc got a long monologue...who the hell cares about Doc?! And all he was saying was "Don't insult me!!!" Kinda ridiculous.
  • Mon, 04:06: I watched the dub though, so it was at least all beautifully scripted and performed.
  • Mon, 04:34: I'm trying to read something now, but I hear all the dialogue in German & English accents. Thanks, Hellsing. :(
  • Mon, 04:55: I have to say though, it's a shame that The Dawn wasn't released in English, considering all the references to it in the finale.
  • Mon, 04:56: I imagine people who only watch these OVAs will be confused by Girlycard, lol.