November 1st, 2014

Ashita he

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  • Fri, 12:06: RT @vip_knmh: ほんとにやばい怪盗キッドのせいでひと埋まった
  • Fri, 16:32: RT @shout1285: 渋谷の皆さんの 笑顔とお写真頂戴しました。 しばらく羽根を休めたら、もう一度参上します。
  • Fri, 21:34: Only one guy at work took notice of my Senketsu scarf, and he seemed to think I was dressing as Sheeta from Castle in the Sky??? XD
  • Fri, 22:51: RT @hoover_dam: Kill la Kill
  • Sat, 01:33: Legend of Korra is getting intense. :O
  • Sat, 01:37: I truly appreciate that Korra now realizes jumping straight into a fight isn't always the best way, but Kuvira can't be reasoned with...
  • Sat, 01:38: More like, this is the exact kind of situation where the Avatar's strength and authority is most needed: stopping conquerors.
  • Sat, 01:41: Asami's little subplot was nice, but it really didn't fit with the rest of the episode/story. ^^;
  • Sat, 01:51: Hardly any trick-or-treaters came...we have so much candy left. :(