October 29th, 2014

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 00:21: Watching Detective Conan on Crunchyroll. I'm like several years behind on this series, but still, this makes me so happy. *__*
  • Wed, 00:21: It's in HD and everything, omg.
  • Wed, 00:24: You have to understand, I used to try and translate my RAW VHS tapes of Detective Conan in a futile attempt to introduce it to friends.
  • Wed, 00:28: People who start watching from here probably don't realize that they're hinting at Akai Shuichi in these first few minutes, ahaha.
  • Wed, 00:32: Hell, people who even watched all of what FUNimation released won't know who Akai Shuichi is, lol.
  • Wed, 00:48: Ah, the bathtub full of tomatoes... XD
  • Wed, 00:53: Omfg a guy is DEAD, is this really the time for Conan to get a nosebleed?! XD;