October 2nd, 2014

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 13:44: RT @nonoyamasaki: 本日月刊ヒーローズ11月号発売です٩(´ω`*)و「天元突破グレンラガン 男どアホウ!編」第9話よろしくお願いしまする。そして今回の話のペン入れカミナヨーコをちらり。完成絵は本誌で是非とも…! http://t.co/Xevma2V3xX
  • Wed, 13:46: RT @7hito: 何度でも出会うよ~ http://t.co/lxFGyZD1NT
  • Wed, 20:31: Writing that anniversary fic felt really refreshing and satisfying. Now I'm working on SoPHD. Back to feeling sad and uncomfortable. :(
  • Wed, 20:32: I'm not saying that I hate working on this now. It's just the subject matter... It's supposed to be uncomfortable. XD;;
  • Wed, 20:34: And the longer I work on it, the more I go "Oh god, should I keep pushing it? Maybe I should..." orz
  • Wed, 20:43: The majority of scenes in this part weren't in my original plan, but it allows for a lot more showing than telling, so...
  • Thu, 04:30: RT @StarwaveImpulse: It's two days late, but here's some art for Simon and Nia's 7th Anniversary! http://t.co/CJkHMCVUgP
  • Thu, 04:33: RT @StarwaveImpulse: They're supposed to be companion pieces or something like that. The one on the right is from 3 years ago. http://t.co/