September 28th, 2014

Ashita he

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  • Sun, 04:21: Boo, no Hellsing Ultimate on Toonami tonight. :( And as for Gurren Lagann, it'll be the recap version of episode 6.
  • Sun, 04:22: But on the other hand, last episode of Space Dandy very soon!!!
  • Sun, 04:43: Wow, incredible action scenes so far. #SpaceDandy
  • Sun, 04:58: XD #SpaceDandy
  • Sun, 04:59: "May be continued?" HAHA YES
  • Sun, 05:00: Does this mean that if we get another season, there will be no narrator? lmao #SpaceDandy
  • Sun, 05:13: As hit & miss as it could be, Space Dandy as a whole was totally worth watching. Every episode was different & overflowing with creativity.
  • Sun, 05:16: Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys fun and experimental anime with amazing animation. :D
  • Sun, 05:19: RT @GWOtaku: Space Dandy ends a successful experiment. Goes out on big time spectacle, ties everything together perfectly. Flawless! #Toon
  • Sun, 06:03: I'm not a big fan of ep 6 of Gurren Lagann (probably my least favorite), but it's still more entertaining & plot-relevant than the TV edit.
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