August 3rd, 2014

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Sat, 17:30: Aldnoah Zero continues to be the most exciting show I'm currently watching. :O
  • Sat, 17:32: Slaine's increasingly bold moves have me really worried for him. Poor baby, don't die on me. ;__;
  • Sat, 17:34: And there clearly has to be some reason why Inaho is such a stone-faced badass at his age...
  • Sat, 17:35: The thing though is that his older sister seems completely normal in comparison. But where are their parents?
  • Sat, 17:41: Maybe their parents were killed 15 years ago during Heavens Fall...but Inaho would've just been a baby, he can't remember that, right?
  • Sat, 17:41: And what about his tactical genius? Is that just innate?