June 28th, 2014

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Fri, 12:21: RT @chim_yr: ラブライブ!劇場版 http://t.co/C02jbrs0LK
  • Fri, 18:31: RT @mushishi_anime: 蟲師 続章 特別篇「棘のみち」が、BS11・TOKYO MXにて1時間スペシャルとして8月に放送決定いたしました。 http://t.co/mRkWfyJylr また、「棘のみち」はABC 朝日放送でも今秋放送予定です。
  • Fri, 18:33: YESSS the "Path of Thorns" episodes of Mushishi 2 will be broadcast on Japanese TV after all!! \o/
  • Fri, 18:33: Hopefully that means they'll get on Crunchyroll sometime too...
  • Fri, 19:40: At St. Louis airport on the way to Denver...those clouds don't look good. D: http://t.co/quaRuz2ogD
  • Fri, 19:41: Annnnd just as I tweet that, there's a rumble of thunder. DDD:
  • Fri, 19:42: Shiiiit my flight was just redirected to Indianapolis. DDD:
  • Fri, 19:50: Funny thing is that I called my mom when I arrived here an hour ago, and she was like "How's the weather? Any tornadoes?"
  • Fri, 19:51: And I answered "Naw, it's sunny here, no problems!" Now it's a thunderstorm. WHYYY.
  • Fri, 19:53: This has never happened to me before, so not sure how worried I should be...
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