June 19th, 2014

Ashita he

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  • Wed, 16:39: RT @TheEconomist: Many of Japan's hippest creators want nothing to do with Mr Abe's $883m 'Cool Japan' campaign http://t.co/Jf8smkLK4y http…
  • Wed, 16:40: Omg that's Jorgun and Balinbow cosplay. :O
  • Thu, 00:50: Huh, does the Anime Expo schedule not show autographs...?
  • Thu, 00:51: Also, I don't really see anything I'm super interested in aside from the Kill la Kill event on Friday. XD;
  • Thu, 00:52: Omg no. NO. Nakashima's panel is on Thursday!!!! I'M NOT THERE ON THURSDAY AGGHHHH. DX
  • Thu, 00:54: Studio Trigger panel is on Thursday too WHY WHY WHYYY
  • Thu, 00:58: I wouldn't even be on the plane yet when Nakashima's panel is going on ahaha SOB
  • Thu, 01:56: RT @Siliconera: Studio Trigger’s CEO Wants To Take Risks, Enable Creative Freedom http://t.co/j6zVgoQMc7
  • Thu, 11:20: There was a really bad storm last night, and now power is out at my house, probably for the whole day. :/