March 15th, 2014

Ashita he

My tweets

  • Fri, 23:14: RT @AntfishVO: There's only one main character left to cast...
  • Sat, 00:41: Ooh, Attack on Titan dub sounds good so far. :D I'm happy with Armin's casting especially.
  • Sat, 00:42: But ultimately, I think it'll be Eren's voice that counts the most...
  • Sat, 00:43: Really hoping it's not Greg Ayres after his performance in Deadman Wonderland... D:
  • Sat, 00:50: I guess I am a little disappointed with Jean's voice though. He sounds too old. :/
  • Sat, 03:22: Going to see Tiger & Bunny: The Rising at New York tomorrow with @Umekopyon and @Kimalysong! :)
  • Sat, 03:23: Then I can finally stop avoiding all the spoilers posted by the Japanese fans I follow ahaha.
  • Sat, 03:25: I have an early train to catch in the morning so I should go to sleep soon... XD;
  • Sat, 03:29: ...*goes to Pixiv to look at Kill la Kill fanart instead* >.>;
  • Sat, 03:30: Am I the only one who felt kinda bad for Junketsu in the last episode? First time it shows any personality is when it's screaming in pain.
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