October 14th, 2013

Ashita he

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  • Sun, 18:23: RT @syonma: 「パシフィック・リム」-illustration by 今石洋之 http://t.co/7gUA5IbNQ1
  • Sun, 19:30: Holy crap, today's episode of Magi was REALLY REALLY GOOD. O_O
  • Sun, 19:31: Awesome action sequences, great character development, adorable character interaction, tear-jerking scenes...
  • Sun, 19:32: And Sinbad manipulating everyone like a boss (except for Aladdin who's too smart for that).
  • Sun, 19:34: Loving the Alibaba & Kougyoku and Morgiana & Hakuryuu relationship development...god, so much ship bait...
  • Sun, 19:35: Didn't like Kougyoku at first, but now I love her. I'm glad she's over Sinbad now. SHE'S GROWN UP.
  • Sun, 19:36: Likewise, I'm just like ALADDIN BABY, YOU'RE GROWING UP. *pinches cheeks*
  • Sun, 19:40: Sinbad has shown himself to be a real dick at times, but amazingly, he's still one of my favorite characters lol.
  • Sun, 19:43: It's interesting to have a heroic, good-intentioned character who uses under-handed tactics against his friends and allies.
  • Sun, 19:50: I just had to laugh last episode when Sinbad oh so subtly suggested Aladdin become his country's Magi. And Aladdin just smiles cutely...
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