October 6th, 2013

Ashita he

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  • Sat, 16:09: The Kill la Kill episode 1 live commentary was fun. :D I love that they're doing this again, the Panty&Stocking commentaries were great.
  • Sat, 16:10: They said they probably can't do one for every episode; they'll be too busy for next week. But they'll try when they can find the time.
  • Sat, 16:11: Imaishi mentioned "23 more times," so I guess Kill la Kill will be 24 episodes total?
  • Sat, 16:12: Pleeeaase bring Yoshinari and Nakashima next time! Nakashima especially is hilarious in commentaries.
  • Sat, 16:34: Comment that made me laugh: When they were talking about Ryuuko getting all beaten up, and they said she looked like Simon. XDD
  • Sat, 16:35: "Is it really okay for the heroine to be this beat up in the first episode?" lol
  • Sat, 16:47: The voice acting turned out better than they expected, so they had to redraw some characters' faces to match the intensity of the acting.
  • Sat, 16:50: Sushio said he couldn't get the hang of drawing Ryuuko for a while, so he kept procrastinating on her scenes. XD
  • Sun, 01:16: Just saw Gravity. I NEVER WANT TO GO INTO SPACE EVER.
  • Sun, 01:17: I felt like I could hardly breathe the whole time omg. So intense.
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