June 24th, 2013

Ashita he

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  • Mon, 01:55: Wow, am I glad I preordered the Gurren Lagann Blu-Ray Box back in January; the price increased more than 2000 yen since then.
  • Mon, 01:57: Of course, it's Amazon, so it's still cheaper than at other places...
  • Mon, 01:59: Also, OMG ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS UNTIL IT'S OUT. And only about a week until it arrives for me. @_@
  • Mon, 02:00: I wonder if someone will upload the drama CD somewhere again, or if I'll have to wait until I get my copy...
  • Mon, 02:13: I guess it's back to stalking the 2ch thread for spoilers! Ahhh, so nostalgic. ;__;
  • Mon, 02:14: I'm gonna make an effort to finally, FINALLY finish translating the 3rd drama CD before Wednesday.
  • Mon, 02:15: I still have my day job, so I can't guarantee that I'll do it in time, but I'll make an effort! :D;
  • Mon, 05:37: Wow, the things I learn from translating. Kamina uses an elbow strike attack when fighting Anti-Spiral in hand-to-hand combat...
  • Mon, 05:39: ...and it is described as "Mouko Kouhazan." I research the term; it is apparently a move in Bājíquán martial arts. http://t.co/m8GjAxqkAo
  • Mon, 05:40: And then I learn it is also a move used often by the protagonist of the manga Otokogumi. THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. Oh Nakashima, you nerd.
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