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No time for a RL post again, but instead...

CHAPTER 34 TRANSLATION FINISHED!! Well, mostly. I'm still not sure about one line...but hopefully we can get this done and out by Christmas Eve. :D That would make what, THREE chapter releases in one month? Yay for productivity!! Next chapter is really good too...hell, this whole arc is awesome...maybe I'll get started on it tomorrow if I have time. And I'm really looking forward to the flashback in Ishbal now!! D:

And eheheh...I couldn't help myself. >D

EDIT: Am I the only one who thinks this picture looks painfully OOC...for both of them? O.o

EDIT 2: I should really stop posting at 4 effin' AM. But I'm just getting ready for Japan!

EDIT 3: It's really sad now that when I read 'Japan' I think of bread.
Tags: fma, manga

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